Charlie Stone Gets Dirty at Dirty Tony

Dirty Tony
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Dirty Tony says: Charlie Stone is the son of an 80s porn star and he’s here to follow in his father’s footsteps. Dad did straight porn. But Dirty Tony has different plans for this apple not falling far from the proverbial tree. Charlie’s got a very innocent boyish face. But his sexual pedigree tells a different story, and so does the massive, colorful tattoo on his chest. He’s been in orgies, gotten finger fucked, and even sucked off a guy during a 3-way with his girlfriend. After discovering that his g-spot is in his asshole, he’s experimented a few times with “objects”.

So, once this sexy auburn-haired second generation porn star starts to whack his meat in front of me, I start to develop a little chub in my jeans. He notices and asks me to help him out with his audition. I move closer and he eagerly unbuttons my fly and immediately starts to devour my purple-hued sausage. For a guy that hasn’t done much with other guys before, he knows how to use his mouth. He uses his tongue ring to to tickle the underside and slobbers generously as he uses his hand to add to the motion. I ask him to swallow it all and he happily obliges, gagging slightly as he brushes my bush with his nose. I can see the sweet curves of his ass and I tell him to get up on all fours so I can get a good look at it. I spit on his beckoning hole as it puckers and winks at me.

I gently stab a finger in to feel his velvety insides. I tease him by slapping my hard cock against his pink as he arches his back and moves toward me. Not so fast, young amigo! You’re here for an audition, not a serious fucking. I sit back and relax as he goes to town on my knob, looking up at me occassionally for signs of approval. I decide to reward his effort by giving him a mouthful of my thick goo. My exuberance is only exceeded by the amount of jizz I spray down the back of his throat, across his face and dripping onto my carpet below. Finally, Charlie lets loose his own load, coating his stomach with pearlescent gems of sweetness. He smiles when I tell him he’s done a good job, happy at his latest accomplishment.


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